Family Friday #38

Graduate I'm pretty sure there was a point in my life where the idea of a preschool graduation seemed a little silly to me. But then I had a baby, and then five years passed, and suddenly my baby isn't a baby anymore, and I'm struck with the realization that very soon he won't be going to that little school where he's been going since he was four months old, and seeing these women who have been in his life since before he was on solid food. And I'm presented with the image of my son in a little mortarboard cap with a little 2013 tassel, and I'm a little choked up.

To Irene, Cristi, Mahuya, Christine, Marjan, Clarissa, Sam, Kelli, and all of the other wonderful teachers and caregivers Jason has known: thank you. It's meant a lot to me--to all of us--that Jason has gotten to have you in his life.