Family Friday #26

Jake Watching my kids grow up has its pangs--knowing that Jason isn't a baby anymore and that Eva soon won't be certainly tugs at my heartstrings. But it's also exciting. Case in point is looking at the progression of our Halloweens since Jason's birth. For his first two Halloweens he was too young to go trick-or-treating. On his third, at two years old he didn't really know what to do. When he was three he had a better idea, but he was still kind of timid about going up to the doors on his own. But this time he was all over it. Sure, I still had to remind him to say thank you before running off to the next house, but I couldn't help but absorb some of his excitement. We ended up staying out for over an hour and a half, which made for quite the candy haul. By this time next year, Eva will be walking and talking, and I think the sight of the two of them holding out their buckets together might just make my heart burst. I can't wait.

Happy weekend, everybody!