Family Friday #22

Secure Over the past few years, a trip to the pumpkin patch at Bates Nut Farm in the fall has become a bit of a family tradition. This year we decided to go on their opening weekend, hoping that by getting there earlier in the season we'd beat the crowds. (It worked, by the way.) On our way out to Valley Center, Jason rattled off a long list of things he wanted to do--jump in the bouncy castle (which he calls a "jumpy"), run in the straw maze, ride a pony, and so on. Once we were there he excitedly pulled us from one thing to the next, and once he'd set his mind on what the next activity was to be, he couldn't be dissuaded. The prospect of a pony ride, for example, was sufficient to distract Jason from both the availability of ice cream cones and my willingness to purchase them. Say one thing for this kid, he's got focus.

Mind you, as soon as the pony ride was done, it was time for ice cream.

Happy weekend, everybody!