Family Friday #21

I mentioned last week that we were recently on the East Coast for a family wedding. The bride was Juliette's niece, and I was able to help out by shooting her bridal preparations on the morning of her wedding day. I was, of course, so happy to be able to participate and help make the day a special one, and, as always, very grateful to be entrusted with the responsibility of capturing these memories. Even more than that, though, was the opportunity to spend time with family--so much of both my and Juliette's family live far enough away that we don't get nearly as much chance to see them as we'd like, but somehow when we do finally come together, we find that the miles that are normally between us are not enough to dampen the feelings of closeness and belonging. And that's what it's all about.

Congratulations, Hannah and Dan. We love you!