Family Friday #19

If there is anything better than seeing my baby daughter beaming with joy when I come home from work or laughing uproariously as I tickle her, then I suppose it would have to be the smile she gives her brother when they play together. Last weekend the four of us took a trip over to Liberty Station to have lunch at one of our favorite San Diego bakeries and afterwards we headed over to the nearby playground to let the kids have some fun before their nap time. Eva had a lot of fun on the swing, but what she really loved was when Jason took a turn pushing her. A huge grin spread across her face and with every push she let out a little shriek of joy.

They have their bad moments too, and I'm sure that as they get older the sibling rivalry will get on my nerves, but it's also obvious that they truly love each other, and for getting to witness that I am truly grateful.

Happy weekend, everybody!