Family Friday #15

My favorite pictures are always the ones that feel honest, the ones that tell a story or reveal something true about the people in them. Visually, there's a lot I like about this picture: the smoothness of his skin, and the textural contrast between his face and hair and the fabric of the upholstery he's leaning against. I love the subtle gradations of tone in his eyes and the softness of the light. But what I really love is how his expression shows you something about him.

See, when Jason watches TV--as he's doing here--he tends to lose track of the whole rest of the world. In order to get his attention you typically have to stand right in front of him and speak loudly. (It's no mystery where he gets this, since I'm exactly the same way.) I don't remember what he was watching when I took this picture, but I do remember that I took three or four frames and he barely even batted an eye. That intense concentration, the way he loses himself in the program, it's all there in his expression in this photo. And that's him, and I love it.

Happy weekend, everyone!