Family Friday #8

This evening after dinner, Juliette and I were talking about Eva, marveling at how fast she's developing. You'd think that after having been through this once already it wouldn't be as amazing, but it is. Just over a month ago she was still pretty shaky sitting by herself, but this morning I watched her lean out of a sitting position onto her hands and knees, then she rolled across the floor and pushed herself back into a sit when she got to the other side. Childhood is so fleeting; I hardly want to blink for fear of missing it.

Last weekend we were spending a lazy morning in the living room when I was struck by how confident she is in sitting on her own now, which is what drew me to take this picture.  In terms of technique, this photo looks fairly simple, but there's more than is immediately obvious here that works to tie it all together.  The strong backlighting creates a shadow on her face and the side of her body facing the camera, which helps visually separate her from the brightly lit carpet.  That same backlighting also creates a rim light around her head that helps separate her from the darker shelves in the background.   Compositionally, there are a number of important lines: the line between her head and the ring toy, which bisects the frame vertically; the diagonal lines of the shadows on the carpet, which are at nearly right angles with the line of the shelves and the blanket; and the line of light that runs from the top of her head, along her left arm and down into the lower right corner.  There's also a nice repetition set up between the curve of the ring and the top of her head.

The important thing, though, is the details. The look on her face as she contemplates the toy. The way she's holding one finger in her other hand. It's so sweet and so expressive, and so very her.  I just love it.

Happy weekend, everybody!