Family Friday #7

My baby girl is showing every sign that she will be crawling soon. She's been able to roll over for a while now, but lately she's been working really hard on being able to get to the things she wants. She stretches and reaches, flexing her back to try to extend her grasp. She's still not quite there, but say one thing for her: she's determined.

I talk a lot about artistic and photographic technique, and certainly I've employed these elements in this image--choosing the placement of the major elements for a pleasing composition, choosing the direction of light to help separate her from the background, and so on. But none of that matters unless you have your camera pointed at something worth looking at, and here it's all about the moment. The way her arms are stretched to their limit, and how she strains through her shoulders and back to reach. The inquisitive way her fingers explore the edges of her play gym. And the tenacity, curiosity, and incipient excitement in her facial expression. She looks almost like a tiny superhero in flight. Twenty years from now I'll be able to pick up this picture and perfectly remember this time in her life, because it's all right there in the image. It's a memory, and so I'll always treasure it.