Family Friday #10

When I think back to my childhood, so many of my best memories happened during the summer.  Summer was barbecues at my dad's house, Boy Scout camp, staying up late with my friends, splashing and wrestling (and occasionally swimming) at the community pool.  It was hopping from rock to rock in the river near my house, and climbing the huge bay laurel in the park on the other side.  It was hot dogs from the concessions stand at the Little League field, and jumping my bike off the big dirt pile at the end of the street, and lining up quarters on the Street Fighter machine at the convenience store at the top of the hill.  Life is different now as a grown-up, but lately summer has become a special time again because of my kids, and their summers.

Summer officially started this week, and Jason and Eva have been to the pool almost every day.  Tomorrow we're off to the fair, where I suspect a corn dog or two will be consumed.  Summer: a great time to be a kid, and to be a parent.

Happy weekend, everybody!