Family Friday #6

Most of the photographs I take of my own family are candids, but at least a few times a year I sit the kids down for portraits. My father-in-law recently asked me for some new pictures of Jason and Eva, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to see what I could do with my medium-format film camera. Not only would it give me a chance to practice my manual camera skills (my medium-format camera is a 1970's-era Bronica that has very little in the way of automation) but if I did it right, the results would really be something special.

I just love shooting with film. It's a lot harder than shooting digital--manual focus and a bulky camera slow you down a lot, and the fact that you have a limited number of shots means you have to make each one count. But all that is completely worth it when you see the pictures. Whether it's color or black & white, film is just magical, producing images with a richness and depth of tonality that you just don't get with digital.  It's been more than fifteen years since I regularly shot with film--all the way back to high school--and coming back to it after all that time has been a joy.

I think this shot is going to look just great as a framed 11x14 on my in-laws' wall.