Family Friday #3

Vertical Blinds Over the past month or so I've been falling back in love with shooting film, especially black and white.  One of the things about shooting in black and white is that it makes you pay more attention to things like light, lines, texture, and forms.  The other morning Jason was playing with the blinds in our living room--something he's not supposed to do, but which I keep encouraging by taking pictures of it--and I was struck by the interplay of light and shadow on his face and body.  The vertical lines of the blinds also made for a strong compositional element, and putting his eye and hand near the third of the frame makes for a nice balance.  But most of all I love the playfulness of the moment, and how it captures his personality and reminds me of the time--that weekend the two of us had some great Daddy-Jason time, because the girls were out of town for a baby shower.  Seeing this picture reminds me of the lazy Sunday morning we had, just the two of us hanging out.