Family Friday #1

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while may have noticed that my old Friday feature, "Bon Weekend," has fallen off. I enjoyed writing that weekly bit of positivity, but it always struck me that there weren't enough pictures in those posts, which seemed like a strange idea for a blog focused on photography. I still liked the idea of a weekly feature, though, and while showcasing my work with clients is certainly important, I've always felt that one of the main purposes of this blog is to give my readers a way of getting to know me better. And after thinking it over, I thought, what better way to share a bit of my life with you--and give you an insight into what photography means to me--than to give you a look at my own personal favorite photographs: the ones I make of my own family. Thus, a new weekly feature is born: Family Friday. Every Friday I'll share a photo from my own life, and maybe a little story to go with it. I always say that my work with clients is to capture memories and tell their stories; these photos are the stories I tell of my own family. I hope you enjoy them!

The week before last we took a trip to Virginia to visit my mom and step-dad, and, what with luggage space being at a premium, there wasn't room to bring along an infant bathtub for my daughter, Eva. Fortunately, my mom didn't mind us using her sink for that task. Neither did Eva, for that matter.

The thing that strikes me most about this picture is how much like my own baby pictures she looks. With her blue eyes and big, squeezable cheeks, I don't usually think of Eva as looking much like me, but every once in a while she'll make a certain face or hold her head a certain way and I see myself in her. It always takes my breath away.