Bon Weekend #19

This week what's making me happy are children's TV, some bluesy music, and, of course, the holidays:

  • I've watched a fair number of different kid's TV shows over the past three years, and, for me, they broadly fall into three categories: shows I like, shows I don't mind, and shows that are annoying. The problem is, my son and I don't always agree on which shows fall into which groups. But one that we found recently that the whole family seems to agree on is Nick Jr's Bubble Guppies. It's cute, it's fun, Jason likes it, and, best of all, the voice acting is pretty good. Juliette and I particularly like the teacher character, Mr. Grouper, and his little songs, which have managed to work their way into our daily life. ("What time is it? It's time for lunch! What time is it? It's time for lunch?" Just so you know, we do keep it reined in when we have company over.)
  • On the subject of more grown-up entertainment, I've been listening to Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan's album Hawk a lot over the past couple of weeks. Campbell and Lanegan are each famous in indie circles for their work with Belle & Sebastian and the Screaming Trees, respectively, but this album is quite a bit different from either of those groups. It's a little hard for me to pin down the style, exactly--at times it reminds me of those Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra duets from the 60's, on other tracks it sounds like it could have come off an indie mix-tape from the 80's. Throughout, there's an earthy, bluesy vibe that I just love, and the contrast between Campbell's breathy soprano and Lanegan's dark, gritty baritone works perfectly.
  • And, of course, I'm having a lot of fun doing holiday stuff with my family. Last weekend we got our Christmas tree and spent Saturday afternoon decorating it. We had just gotten back from seeing a friend's daughter in her dance school's production of The Nutcracker, and when we pulled out the box of nutcracker ornaments, Jason just about lost it. As for myself, my favorite ornament from our set is a little sock monkey that was one of the first ones we got when Juliette and I were building our collection:


Happy weekend, everybody!