Bon Weekend #16

This week what's making me happy is the promise of cute Halloween pictures: So, Halloween is right around the corner, and Jason is very excited about getting to wear his costume.  Every time I open his closet, he exclaims "I really like my costume, Daddy!"  This year he's going to be Buzz Lightyear, a decision he made a couple of months ago and of which he has reminded us almost daily since then.  (Jason actually has his costumes planned out through 2014, showing that he has managed to inherit both my obsessiveness and Juliette's penchant for planmaking.  I'd be tempted to assume that he will forget or change his mind before next year, but he stuck to his list of requests for his third birthday party for over eight months, so it's quite possible he will follow through on this one as well.)

Looking ahead to Monday night, I realized that the photos I've taken of Jason in his Halloween costumes over the years are consistently among the ones that come to mind when I think of my favorite pictures.  And this year I not only get to add another picture to that series, but I also get to start the collection of Eva's Halloween pictures.  I can't wait!

Happy weekend, everybody.  And Happy Halloween!