Bon Weekend #13

This week, what's making me happy is storytelling and electricity:

  • There's a certain art to telling a story well.  It's not enough for the story itself to be interesting--though, certainly, that helps.  You also have to have a feel for the rhythms of a tale, both the cadences of speech and the structure and flow of the story.  You can't get tangled up in the unimportant details, but you also can't leave out the interesting descriptions.  You have to get as much out of the story as you can, but you also can't go on so long that people lose interest.  It's actually an incredibly difficult skill to master, and not everyone can do it.  One person who has that "gift of gab," is character actor Stephen Tobolowsky.  You may not know the name, although I'd bet dollars to donuts that you'd recognize his face--he has over two hundred film and TV credits to his name.  I recently started listening to his podcast The Tobolowsky Files, wherein each week he sits down and tells a story from his life.  Sometimes he talks about his experiences working on a particular film, other times he talks about interesting people he's met.  Occasionally the stories are a little wild or off-color--and for that reason it's not completely family-friendly--but he always brings it back around and closes with a bit of wisdom or insight about the human experience.  If you love a good story, I highly recommend The Tobolowsky Files.
  • It's funny how easy it is to take things for granted until you're forced to do without.  As I imagine most of my San Diego-area readers know, we had a huge power outage last night; nearly all of San Diego County was blacked out, along with parts of Orange County, Arizona, and Baja.  All in all, it wasn't more than an inconvenience for us--we missed some TV shows, ate some soupy ice cream before it completely melted, and went to bed early--but it really showed how much of our daily lives depends on the constant availability of affordable electricity.  At the Sakasegawa house, we tried to see it as an opportunity, having an easy family dinner and playing in the yard until the sun went down.  In a way, it was even kind of nice not to have the distractions.  Of course, the only reason I can say that now is because the lights are back on today, and I sure am glad they are.

What with school being back in session, summer's pretty much over for most people, though we've still got that late-season heat lingering on.  Just as a reminder, now is a great time to beat the rush and book a portrait session for those holiday gifts and cards!  And be sure to stay tuned for info about our next mini-session event.

Happy weekend, everybody!