Bon Weekend #8

This week in "what's making me happy": never having to buy another wallet again, ever. I've been telling Juliette that I need a new wallet for, oh, about four years now.  The fact that she hasn't gone completely berserk after hearing about it every month or so for that long is a true testament to her mental fortitude.  Picking out a new wallet is like picking out a new pair of glasses for me, though: it has to meet my functional needs, but it also has to look nice, and since I'm going to be carrying it with me all the time, it has to fit with every situation I might take it to.  The result is that it takes forever for me to find the right one.

What I realized is that I really want my next wallet to be my last one.  Enter the Saddleback Leather Company.  According to their claims, the leather they use in all their products is so high-quality and so tough that it will last longer than you do.  To back it up, they even offer a 100-year warranty!  And, to top it off, their products are just beautiful.  My Narrow Bifold Wallet showed up on Monday, and now I've got one less thing to think about for the rest of my life.

Here's wishing you an uncluttered and stress-free weekend!