Bon Weekend #7

I bet from reading this Friday series, some of you might think I don't have an interest in contemporary music, seeing as how I've hardly mentioned anything released in the last thirty years.  (After week one, that is.)  I do like a lot of more modern stuff, actually, but I have been on a bit of an oldies kick lately, and this week it's been helped along by my brother's birthday present to me: a collection of Phil Spector music.  It's fun to return to these songs and listen with adult ears.  It's old, true, but not necessarily dated--a really good song is just a good song, no matter when it was written.

Actually, I've been thinking a lot about my music habits lately, and it's interesting to me that so much of the music that I play for my son is the same stuff that my mom played for me when I was a child--and, in turn, that was the same music that she heard when she was young.  I think there's something there worth exploring--I wonder what music from now, if any, my son will play for his children?

But, speaking of my son, what's really making me happy this week is him.  Jason turned three yesterday, and getting up early to see the look on his face as he opened his presents was a joy.  I posted a little photo montage of his third year over at my personal blog--check it out if you're interested.

Happy weekend, everybody!