Bon Weekend #6

Between my day job and prepping for next month's mini-session event, I've been pretty swamped lately.  It's during the hectic times, though, that it's most important to accentuate the positive, I think, and this week for me the happy is coming from Sam Cooke.I think I first became aware of Sam Cooke's music through the movie Innerspace, so now I can't help but think of Martin Short and Dennis Quaid when I hear his music "Cupid."  I finally got an album a few weeks ago with some birthday money--the retrospective Portrait of a Legend--and I've been listening to it nonstop since then.  It's such fun, upbeat, soulful stuff, and the joy in Cooke's voice is infectious.  A couple of days ago I had "Twisting the Night Away" stuck in my head for about 10 hours, and rather than making me crazy it just brought a smile to my lips.  I  mean, how can you not be happy when listening to this:

If you've been run a bit ragged and could use a little pick-me-up, you could do a lot worse than popping some Same Cooke into your stereo.  Happy weekend, folks!