Sakasegawa Invasion!

This past weekend found Juliette and I up in Salinas for the Sakasegawa family reunion. The family is so big and spread out that we only have reunions every five years or so, so it's always a lot of fun when they finally do roll around. Not only do I get to catch up with folks I haven't seen in a while and coo over the new additions, but I inevitably end up meeting someone from a branch of the family I'd never come into contact with before. As always, this year there was plenty of food, and all of it was great:


Food Diptych

One of the cousins brought a bunch of old photos he'd inherited from his mother.  This one is of my great-grandfather:

Seimon Sakasegawa

Jason, of course, wanted to climb on everything:

Jason Climbing

As is, I think, mandatory, there were tons of reunion-type activities.  Horseshoes and a three-legged race, for example:


Three-Legged Race

There was also an egg toss:

Egg Toss 1

Egg Toss 2

Everybody wanted me and my older brother to pair up for that, but hey, I was taking pictures!  And, you know, I didn't really fancy the inevitable ending of an egg toss:

Egg Toss 3

Bingo, anyone?  But of course.


In the end, a good time was had by all!