Bon Weekend #3

This week, what's making me happy is flowers and Father's Day. There's a lot to love about summertime, of course--sunshine, swimming, sand castles, barbecues, and so on.  One of my favorites since I moved to San Diego has been the jacarandas blooming.  There are a whole bunch of them around my neighborhood, and for the past few weeks I've been treated to the sight of trees bursting with purple on my way to and from work.  It definitely makes the mornings more pleasant.


And then there's Father's Day.  Now I know just last week I was complaining about it, and I still stand by everything I said then.  But when I got home from work that evening, Jason met me at the door, bursting with excitement to give me the present he'd made for me at preschool:

Father's Day Magnet

Every time I look at my fridge now, I think of how proud and excited Jason was as I opened the little card he made, and I get a little choked up.  He and Juliette have been out of town visiting the grandparents all week, and having this little bit of him to greet me as I grab the milk for my cereal has brought a little extra sunshine into each morning.  Who'd have thought I'd ever be so happy to get a tie for Father's Day?