Bon Weekend #2

So, it's Father's Day this weekend, but, to be honest, that's not really what's making me happy right now. Not that I don't appreciate spending time with my son or with my dad.  In fact, it's because I do appreciate that time that I get so irritated with the greeting card companies around this time of year. It seems like Father's Day cards fall into two general categories.  You have the "It's funny how totally incompetent a parent you are" cards and then you have the "You don't really want to be doing this parent thing anyway, so why don't you have the day off" cards.  And, you know, as somebody who has changed just as many diapers, kissed just as many boo-boos, fixed just as many breakfasts, sung just as many songs as my wonderful wife has, it just rubs me the wrong way to see that particular stereotype in so many different forms.

But, forgive me, this is meant to be a post about happiness.  Let's change gears, shall we?  What's made me happy this week?

  • So You Think You Can Dance started their competition rounds this week, and from the looks of things, this may be the strongest group of dancers ever.  I mentioned to Juliette in last night's elimination show that any of this year's top 20 would probably have made it deep into any other season.  Just check out this routine from Wednesday's episode:
  • The first volume in a new science fiction series was released the day before yesterday: Leviathan Wakes.  That's doubly exciting, because not only is it some of the best new SF I've read in quite some time, but it's also co-written by a friend of mine.  Right on!
  • The MIHO Gastrotruck is celebrating their one-year anniversary this week.  I've been eating there once or twice a week for a couple of months now, and it's consistently been great, so I'm glad to know that they're thriving.

Happy weekend, folks!