Welcoming a New Addition to the Family

Our best friends have a brand new baby--he's just eleven days old as I write this--and it was my honor and pleasure this weekend to get to take his pictures. Things like this remind me why I love being a photographer. Getting to be the one that people trust to capture their beautiful moments is a special thing, and I'm happy that I can help in this small way. Welcome to the world, baby boy!





Family Portraits in Liberty Station

I had a lot of fun meeting up with some friends for family portraits at Liberty Station this weekend. Their son was a little shy at first, but when we found some daisies next to the fountain on the south promenade, he opened right up. There's really nothing like watching toddlers interact with the world. A few flowers, a bike rack--everything is an opportunity for fun and exploration. libertystation1



Speaking the Same Language: Christine & Tony

There's an old song that claims "to know him is to love him," but when it comes to a relationship and a marriage, I think it's really the other way around: to really love someone means knowing that person, understanding her for everything she is. And so hearing how Christine's friend described the two of them during her wonderful toast, I couldn't help but smile. "Tony is the best boyfriend Christine ever had. He gets her," she said. "He really speaks her language." I can't think of anything more perfect to say about a couple than that. Having the chance to be a part of their wedding day, watch the two of them together and with their families, and hearing what people had to say about them, I feel like I got to know them a bit, too. And what I came away with was a picture of two simply wonderful people. Christine, generous of spirit, outgoing, supportive, the best friend anyone could have. And Tony, a loving father, a man of deep passion and emotion, so overcome with feeling that he couldn't speak his vows above a whisper, but also a man with a laugh as big as his heart. What a privilege for me to get to be a part of their story.

















Fall Holiday Portrait Sessions and Fine Art Print Sale

Family Portraits

Fall Portrait Sessions

It's well into September, which means a few things. Summer's over, though you wouldn't know it from the weather! School is back in session—a particularly big one here at the Sakasegawa house as our oldest started kindergarten this year. And, of course, it's time for fall portrait sessions!

Starting this fall, portrait sessions will be $300. Your session fee includes a 1-hour family portrait session at a location of your choice; an online, password-protected proofing gallery with 30 of the best images from your session; and three high-resolution digital files, which are great for holiday cards, family calendars, or just sharing online. The holiday season is right around the corner, and a nice 8x10 desk-sized print or a beautiful 16x20 wall canvas makes a great gift for the grandparents! A la carte prints are available from $20 and print collections start at $150.

Returning clients may notice that prices have gone up since last year, so in order to ease the transition I'm offering one last opportunity for both new and returning clients to get in at the old prices. If you make your reservation by September 30, your session fee will be just $150!

And don't forget about the referral program. Tell your friends and family to mention your name when they make their reservations, and for each one who does, you'll receive a free digital file from your session!

Contact me to make your reservation by email at mike@michaelsakphoto.com or by phone at (858) 722-2738.

Print Sale

Fine Art Print Sale

I'm also excited to announce my second fine art print sale. From now until the end of September, I'm offering a selection of my personal photography as 8x10 or 16x20 archival pigment prints, signed and numbered. Check out my personal website for all the details.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Family Friday #38

Graduate I'm pretty sure there was a point in my life where the idea of a preschool graduation seemed a little silly to me. But then I had a baby, and then five years passed, and suddenly my baby isn't a baby anymore, and I'm struck with the realization that very soon he won't be going to that little school where he's been going since he was four months old, and seeing these women who have been in his life since before he was on solid food. And I'm presented with the image of my son in a little mortarboard cap with a little 2013 tassel, and I'm a little choked up.

To Irene, Cristi, Mahuya, Christine, Marjan, Clarissa, Sam, Kelli, and all of the other wonderful teachers and caregivers Jason has known: thank you. It's meant a lot to me--to all of us--that Jason has gotten to have you in his life.

Family Friday #37

Wind Unlike her brother, Eva does not care to have water squirted on her in the bath. Also unlike her brother--and her mom, for that matter--she loves the wind on her face.

Family Friday #36

Serenity At the end of his bath every night, Jason likes to lie back until the water covers his ears and listen to the sound of the water draining. I've taken pictures just like this one so many times over the years, but it's such a beautiful sight that I can't help doing it again. I think part of it, too, is that it won't be too much longer before he's bathing himself, after which I won't be able to take this picture again and so I keep doing so while I still can. I'm thankful to be able to document these moments--in ten years, in twenty, I'll be able to look at these photographs and say, "This is what he was like. This is what we were like."

Happy weekend, everybody.

Family Friday #35

Kiss I spend a lot of my time on this blog talking about my kids, but today I'd like to focus on another member of my family: my lovely and amazing wife, without whom nothing in my life would make sense. Happy birthday, Juliette. I love you.

(And to everyone else, happy weekend!)

Family Friday #34

Sleeping The really astonishing thing about this picture is that she actually has the blanket on top of her. The way she migrates around her crib while she sleeps, that's a rarity. It's a good thing we don't live in a place where it actually gets cold.

Happy weekend, everybody!

Family Friday #33

Mud He's getting a little big to be in a stroller these days, but all things considered I can't really blame him--if I had a portable napping platform, I'd probably make use of it, too.

Happy weekend!

Family Friday #31

San Diego is, of course, known for its lovely weather. A little rain every now and then is nice, though, I think.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Family Friday #30

The other day I was hanging out in the garage with the kids and I noticed that the light was very pretty, what with the clouds outside and the shade from the open garage. So I asked Jason if I could take his picture. I never quite know how he'll respond to requests like that--often he'll scowl or hide his face. But this time he said yes, and got up and did just what you see, with no direction from me. I don't recall ever asking him to stand like that in his life, but I guess when he's on, he's on.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Family Friday #29

Hold Fast It's funny how a silly little moment--filling up a squirt toy in the bath--can yield images that feel calm and contemplative. It really wasn't like that at all.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Family Friday #28

Cookies One of Eva's little quirks is that, for some reason, she hates it when we roll up her sleeves, even if they are way too long for her. However, as you can see, she can be distracted.

Poway Family Photos

It's always a special honor for me to be able to work with families from out of town. Back in October, a cousin of mine from Orange County contacted me about the possibility of doing a photo shoot with her and her family--they were looking to have a quick weekend getaway, and a holiday portrait session made for a great opportunity to do just that. We met up in Old Poway Park this weekend and had a great time catching up and creating some fun family portraits.

Family Friday #27

Eva, are you supposed to be playing with those? Well, you're cute, so I guess it's OK. Just don't put them in your mouth.

(Happy Friday, everyone.)

Family Photos in Encinitas

Seems like new places was a bit of a theme for me this weekend. I'd never been to Cottonwood Creek Park in Encinitas before, but my best friends--whom I've known since college--suggested it when they asked me to do their annual family photos, and it turned out to be quite nice. My favorite part of the afternoon was the impromptu game of hide-and-seek--I don't remember whose idea it was, but their daughter loved it, and it made for some extremely cute photos, including the first one below. I love for my sessions to be full of fun for kids and parents alike, because that's when the magic happens in the photos.

Solana Beach Family Photos

One of the things I love about living in San Diego is how much variety there is around the city and county. Even after living here for almost eight years, I'm still finding new places. For their shoot this weekend, this family suggested Fletcher Cove Park in Solana Beach. I'd never been there before, but I'm always up for exploring a new place, so I was excited to check it out. We met Saturday morning, and despite the early hour and the still chilly temperature, the two kids had loads of energy--the older daughter was all giggles and the younger one is at that adorable age where she's just started walking, and getting to explore under her own power is a big adventure. Between the fun location, the beautiful morning light, and the boundless energy that the two girls brought, I think we made some great photos.

Family Friday #26

Jake Watching my kids grow up has its pangs--knowing that Jason isn't a baby anymore and that Eva soon won't be certainly tugs at my heartstrings. But it's also exciting. Case in point is looking at the progression of our Halloweens since Jason's birth. For his first two Halloweens he was too young to go trick-or-treating. On his third, at two years old he didn't really know what to do. When he was three he had a better idea, but he was still kind of timid about going up to the doors on his own. But this time he was all over it. Sure, I still had to remind him to say thank you before running off to the next house, but I couldn't help but absorb some of his excitement. We ended up staying out for over an hour and a half, which made for quite the candy haul. By this time next year, Eva will be walking and talking, and I think the sight of the two of them holding out their buckets together might just make my heart burst. I can't wait.

Happy weekend, everybody!