The night my son was born is kind of a jumble of memories for me. I remember the mixture of joy and anxiety I felt as I picked him up for the first time, and the surprise I felt at how blue his eyes were. I remember how calm he was, lying in his little hospital bassinet, and the awe I felt just looking at him. And I remember how much I wanted to hold on to that moment, to make it last as long as I could. That night and that feeling, more than anything else, is what brought me to photography.

I am a dad, husband, photographer, writer, and (during the week) electrical engineer. I am always tired.

I'm interested in stories. True stories, fictional stories, and those in between. Written stories, visual stories, the stories we tell each other, and those we tell ourselves.


Group Exhibitions:


  • Black and White. Photoplace Gallery. Middlebury, VT.
  • Still Life. Escondido Municipal Gallery. Escondido, CA.
  • Black & White. Escondido Municipal Galery. Escondido, CA.
  • Spring Is Here. Vista Wellness Center. Vista, CA.
  • Lights, Shadows, and Reflections. Escondido Municipal Gallery. Escondido, CA.
  • California. Vista Wellness Center. Vista, CA.


  • Family Exhibition. Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography. Detroit, MI.